our name, Slide12 Group

Find Your Voice.

Most agree the most grueling presentation is to a Venture Capitalist. You get about 20 minutes, and 12 slides, to sell your idea. If you don’t present a compelling case by slide12 it’s too late. Our job is to work with you so that, in any situation, when you’re finished the audience is on your side. Your Voice was heard. You got to “Yes”.

Pat McNamara, Founder/Partner pat

Pat has deep experience in marketing hi-tech consumer and business products. He has launched over 100 products on behalf of 30 companies, while serving as a VP/Marketing and ad agency VP, Account Services. His know-how includes being a startup co-founder and, as a consultant, guiding early-stage companies to success. He’s expert in all phases of strategic marketing planning, product/ program launches, focus groups and strategic meeting facilitation. He has coached thousands of business people, physicians and scientists to expert-level presentation skills. Pat has the unique ability to make very complex information easy to understand. His greatest skill: helping you Find Your Voice.


The Group

Usually we work with our client’s executive staff, and marketing agency, in developing their presentations. But we can also, independently, turnkey a complete project. The “Group” in our name refers to the vendors, agencies, consultants, and freelancers we work with to craft specialized solutions for our clients. We can build a virtual team quickly to create deliverables like custom PPTs, videos and specialized Internet applications.