People Who Work With An Entrepreneurial Spirit

We only Work With The Willing. Life is too short to encourage ordinary.

We work with people who work as if what they do really matters.

We work with raw startups looking for seed funding and F100 global organizations launching new products.

Clients who have found their Voice come from varied technologies and segments:

Start-ups: emerging companies seeking capital to take their product from feasibility to productization, build their Team, find customers and solidify their market position.

Investors: often their portfolio companies need marketing and sales support. For VC’s and private investors Slide 12 can save them the time-sink and hassles connected with the next round of funding. And we help their companies make sales, build alliances and open new distribution channels.

Health Sciences/Pharmaceuticals: companies looking to help their Key Opinion Leaders Find Their Voiceand as a result successfully get the word out on breakthrough drugs and procedures that extend standard-of-care, ease suffering, save lives.

Non-profits: bringing proven marketing and messaging strategies from hi-tech to non-profits can be crucial when more and more NP’s are competing for fewer donor dollars. We help NP’s and their Boards find organizational alignment, positioning clarity and accelerate fund-raising success.

Stuck/Turnaround Companies: when companies haven’t found their Voice sales stall. Expenses continue to soar. Working capital and morale runs low. Slide 12 works with struggling companies when they need innovative ideas on competitive positioning, actionable strategies and messaging. Yes, they need to Find Their Voice.

Clients: Solix Biofuels, Lingoek, Myriad Genetics, MIOX, TrackVia, Tuscany Design Automation, Cottonwood Technology Group, All Faiths, Flywheel Ventures, MicroProbe, Dekker/Perich/Sabatini Architects, Infield Venture Capital, PureColor, RIEtech Global, Yearout Energy Services, GEENEX Solar, Introspective Power, NM Homebuilders Association, Phenogen Sciences, Children’s Grief Center, Green Garage, Cosmic Forces, ABQid, CNM IGNITE Accelerator, Santa Fe VELOCITY project, CLA/CliftonLarsonAllen Financial Consultants, Improve Group, Sandia National Laboratories.