Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice. Change Your World. Guaranteed.

Have you found your Voice? Can you tell your Story as only you can tell it?

That distinct, authentic quality of expression that separates you from Ordinary?

For You, your Company, your Cause: Finding Your Voice is essential for success.

It’s as individual as your Signature. It’s the difference between Signal and Noise.

When you’ve found it you’ll know it…in your presence, your confidence….your ability to connect with people.

It shows up in you as Influence, Persuasiveness.

You’ll find new Purpose and Meaning in all you do.¬†You’ll get the Results you want.

You’ll be able to help more people.

Don’t Build A Website, Print A Brochure or Make A Pitch Till You’ve Found Your Voice.

Too often really smart people, with great ideas, fail to get the results they want. And they don’t quite know why.

So they wander. Change the tagline. Tweak the logo. Add more words to lifeless slides. Re-think Company Culture.

The real problem: they never Found Their Voice.

No matter how hard they try they simply never get to that place where their ideas become distinct, bold, focused.

The strong point-of-view their customers expect from them as Thought Leaders fails to emerge.

People, Companies, Causes: Voiceless. Overlooked. Unfunded.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Work With Slide 12 – Find Your Voice

Our tools: blending years of marketing strategy know-how with TED Talk quality communication skills coaching. And we’ve proven it for thousands of physicians, engineers and business people.

We work with you to understand what makes you tick. What do you love? What are you really good at? What is at the root of your passion…your commitment to excellence?

We ask: what do you do….and why should anybody care? What in your business or non-profit says “Thought Leadership” What’s the marketing platform that’s your key differentiator and enables you to dominate a market space?

In the end our goal for you: your prospects and audiences doing what you want them to do – getting you to “Yes.”

Slide 12 brings clarity to competitive positioning, messaging, pivot points in the decision-making process – always highlighting the compelling benefits that turn prospects into buyers….contacts into donors.

Here’s an overview of how we work with you:

– get a deep understanding of your best qualities, where does your personal power reside?

– do a practical analysis of your audiences, their motives, how they make decisions

– work with you to develop the Storyline that Tells the Truth and best Reveals Your Voice

– prepare you to speak from your Voice on any Platform – face/face, stage, paper, digital

Working with Slide 12 you get the results you want, guaranteed.

Working together if we don’t Find Your Voice – don’t pay me.